René Magritte

frozenbanana_renemagritte_lamp The Belgian artist René Magritte painted the same things over and over again! Many paintings show a pipe or an apple, a dove or an egg – always with a blue sky and white clouds. René said

“Life obliges me to do something, so I paint.”

One of his favorite objects to paint (and to wear) was a black bowler hat, maybe in honor of his mother who was a milliner and sadly died when he was a kid.

Let your room look like a dreamy painting by Magritte: Make yourself a cloud template out of the cover of an old plastic folder and get your wall cloudy with blue and white paint. Drill a whole in a (party supply) bowler hat and install a lamp socket with a low-heat LED-light bulb – et voilà!

More for grown-ups: “Dream, Baby, Dream” by Suicide. Photo by Ilona Habben.