Joan Miró

In the paintings of Spanish artist Joan Miró, we mostly find colorful organic forms playing with fine-drawn black lines or maybe the other way around. We discover symbols like eyes, stars and other shapes which seem to be from a secret sign language made up by the artist.

But maybe even he does not know what his pictures are about: Joan is famous to use a technique called “automatic drawing”. This does not mean that he has a machine to draw (Joan learned drawing since he was seven years old) but that he tries to draw without thinking, allowing his hand to move around on the paper randomly. He says:

“When I stand in front of a canvas, I never know what I’m going to do – and nobody is more surprised than I at what comes out.”

Joan Miró`s artworks inspired us to create a mobilé with his iconic style elements. You want to make a moving artwork, too? Use black wire ( about ∅ 1 mm for the bars and ∅ 0,3 mm for the connections), a lightweight modeling clay plus different colors for the shapes and some basic household tools.

After modelling, drying and painting the shapes, add little holes (using a needle) and start to string your clay forms. Now you need some patience or physics (be sure to train both)! Fix your first, highest bar and start to build your mobilé from the top to the bottom, adding or taking-off elements or changing the position of the wires to keep the balance.

Joan Miró inspired mobilé by Friederike Fankhänel, photo by Ilona Habben