Peter Fischli and David Weiss


Have you ever been in the mountains? With some imagination… probably last night! The mountains of pillows are inspired by the Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss.
For their first artwork as a duo, they search their kitchen. They find little sausages, slices of sausage, pickled cucumbers and other food and use it for a series of photos:

In the image “At the carpet store”, sausage slices become piles of colorful carpets, “Moonraker” shows a rocket launching inside a fridge and for “In the mountains” they convert a blanket and some pillows in a typical mountain panorama.

Peter and David simply call their pictures “Sausage series”. More images from that can be seen here. Quite funny, don’t you think? And it’s really easy to re-enact:

Take some tasty but better not creamy snacks to bed (we chose wasabi peas, popcorn, sour snup and meringue) and let your imagination play! If your pillows were mountains, what could be added to the landscape? A waterfall? Trees? Animals? When your scenery is perfect, take a picture like Fischli & Weiss to remember your little adventure.

What’s next? Of course you need to clean … (yummy!)

DIY idea and photo by Friederike Fankhänel, more for grown-ups: Peter and David’s first artist video “The point of last resistance” auf YouTube