Anni Albers


Loving old cultures, designer Anni Albers travels through Mexico to see archaeological sites and art treasures. In the ancient city of Monte Albán she discovers jewelry which is more than a 1000 years old. Anni is very fascinated by the fact that the Zapotec people combined precious materials like gold and silver with simple shells, corals and colorful stones. She wonders: Does jewelry need to contain jewels? What is it that makes a material valuable?

Back home in the USA, she browses 10 cent stores and buys paper clips, bobby pins and other household items. She considers them beautiful and valuable regardless of their low price. Along with a friend, Anni tries to assemble the single parts into jewelry pieces:

“Like any other work that has not been tried before, it took on form only by being tried.”

Hooking, threading, wrapping – there are so many possibilities! You can see the whole collection of Anni’s necklaces here. Paper clips and a nice string is all you need to make a necklace yourself. You surely have more ideas!

DIY idea and photo by Friederike Fankhänel, more: Anni Albers’ lecture about her jewelry