Yummy art: all ages painting workshop at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery

It’s been two weeks now but we are still amazed! Frozenbanana’s first art workshop at Entretempo Kitchen Gallery during Berlin Food Art Week was really a blast. First we extracted natural colors from beet, carrots, lemons and other friendly plants and spices – including sweet berry smashing for the little ones and chemical color reactions for the grown-ups.

Then our surprise guest, Mexican artist Pao Kitsch introduced us to her dreamy, childlike paintings (for which she used some vegetable colors, too) and supported us to create tasty pictures ourselves. Gallery owner, curator and artist Taína Guedes gave us insights about her multifaceted projects and finally encouraged everyone to pick some bananas from her temptingly smelling installation as part of the foodart exhibition around us.

Last but not least, photographer André Wunstorf captured the creative afternoon in all its bright colors. Thank you so much, everyone and hope to see you soon!

Images: André Wunstorf for Frozenbanana, Workshop & Layout: Friederike Fankhänel