Yayoi Kusama – We are all dots


Since her childhood, Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama had been seeing things which are, obviously, not there. Sometimes dots were spreading everywhere on the walls and on all objects around. Trying to get rid of this impression, she started painting pictures.

Pictures with dots, many dots, thousands of dots. She couldn’t stop. And Kusama didn’t only paint dots on paper but also on walls, furniture, clothes, water surfaces and even on herself and other people. Whole rooms in which everything was covered with dots.

Our eyes see the single objects disappearing; appearing instead as a whole.

“The earth is a dot, the moon, the sun, the starts are all made of dots. You and me, we are dots.”

Talking about Kusamas art teaches children about perception and the two sides of mental disorders. Dot stickers from the stationary shop easily connect all things around you.

DIY idea and photo by me, more for grown-ups: “Kusama’s Self-Obliteration” (Jud Yalkut, 1967) on YouTube