Magritte x Memphis x Maker culture – Studio GGSV’s “phantasmagorical” playground at Centre Pompidou

For lovers of Magritte and Memphis design, Franz West and 3D-printing, I highly recommend to visit “Galerie Party”, the phantastic playground installation by Studio GGSV that takes place in the “galerie des enfants” of Centre Pompidou in Paris.

On the occasion of the center’s 40th anniversary celebrations, local designers Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard have been invited to create a special event for the kids gallery. They describe their project as “(…) a fictional journey to the heart of the National Museum of Modern Art, of its architecture, works of art and history.”

The space contains a blue inflatable house in which a virtual fountain is creating a variety of shapes that look like a 3D-printed dream of Sotsass’ laminates (even though I don’t know how and what they are made of).

Kids find these elements displayed in the imaginary garden outside the house and are invited to use them to “compose all the totems, vessels, furniture, constructions, machines and thingummies that the imagination can reveal. The principle is simple: all forms can combine and assemble.”

Fantastical play elements by Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard © Studio GGSV

The workshop exhibition can be visited in its original form until August, 28th. For the following months, Studio SSGV invited two artists who transform the installation and “offer new rules of the game.” The official schedule:

Act 1. Studio GGSV (20 May – 28 August 2017)

Act 2. Liu Bolin (9 September 2017 – 8 January 2018)
Chinese artist Liu Bolin – also known as “the Invisible Man” – vanishes into the set, wearing a painting costume.

Act 3. Morgane Tschiember (20 January – 5 March 2018)
French artist Morgane Tschiember – renowned for her multidimensional sculptures – projects the space into another architectural and narrative dimension.

I have plans to visit Paris in October, so I hope to see the installation “in action”, find out how children actually use them and share images of the transformation. For now I have to rely on Instagram where I found these cute impressions from the project space:


More information about kids and family activities at Centre Pompidou here.