Plom? PLOM! Gallery for art-loving kids in Barcelona

Do you know any contemporary art galleries especially for kids? We do! In Barcelona, Martha Zimmermann runs PLOM Gallery to introduce children to the “superpower of art”, as she says.

The gallery mainly deals paintings and printed editions by kid-friendly illustrators (Martha directed an illustration agency before) like Miju Lee, Mr. ED and Blanca Hernández. PLOM offers many kids art workshops, too, often in collaboration with cultural events in and around Barcelona. If you don’t want to miss any of the many events, we recommend following PLOM Gallery on Facebook or Instagram as you’ll find the most recent updates there.

Martha, thank you so much for this little interview! So – where does the name PLOM come from? What does it mean?
Well, when my son Nicolás was born, I decided to leave work for about one and a half year and only care for him. But… when you are are 24 hours with a baby and even if you love your own child, there are moments that are a bit “heavy” (which in spanish has the meaning of “tiresome”). So the Catalan word for lead = plom became a word that my husband and I used to refer to the difficult moments with our baby, for example when he asked me on the phone about our day and I answered “today it is very plom” (“today is a tough day”). But in the end, my son was the best and sweetest baby ;)

What is the superpower of art?
Superpower is a word we like very much because it connects you directly with the world of children, games and imagination. And we at PLOM Gallery truly believe that art has its power: it connects you with your inner self, makes you imagine, fly and inspires you to be creative yourself. When we combine “power” with “super”, the word turns into something magical that attracts children easily.

You sell artworks to children – what kind of pictures do they like the best?
Definitely animals! Thats why we have many works in the gallery that show animals. And children are attracted by lively colors like red and green, too.

Do you have a special thing (artist, book, movie, app,…) that you can recommend for art loving kids?
At PLOM gallery, we are big fans of the Barcelona based children publisher COCO BOOKS. They publish books about painting, making collages, building things… we own a lot of them, especially the most artistic ones. One of our favorite artists is Marion Deuchars – she’s also illustrating a lot of the COCO BOOKS publications.

I think it is very important to offer children “time and space” to develop their creativity. This can mean attending kids art workshops together but there are also many activities you can do at home. The most important thing is accompanying their on their discoveries and inventions rather than forcing them into a pre-fixed structure – they have enough creative capacity. And over all, if they play and they like art, they’ll play being artists!

If you didn’t work with children and art – what else would you do?
I really like interior design and could image running a shop for vintage objects, curiosities and design furniture. I also love the countryside, so enjoying to cultivate a garden is also something I could fancy!

Gracias Martha!

PLOM Gallery
Carrer de Séneca 31
08006, Barcelona

Opening hours:
Tue to Fri 10 am – 2.30 pm, 5.30 – 8 pm
Sa 10 am – 2 pm, 5 – 8.30 pm
Other times by appointment (+34 932 377 865)

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Images: © PLOM GalleryMiju LeeMr. ED, Maxi Luchini and Blanca Hernández