Libros Mutantes 2015: Independent publishing fair in Madrid

Frozenbanana’s tip for the upcoming art loving weekend: the Libros Mutantes independent publishing fair in Madrid. It is being held from Friday to Sunday at the cultural center La Casa Encendida and features seventy international publishing projects: artists’ books, photography publications, experimental fanzines and hybrid projects – including a “Kids Corner” with a huge selection of books and zines for the cute ones (you can download a list here).

Moreover, beside lectures and workshops for the more or less grownup, the fair offers three supercool kids’ workshops. You are invited to create “Alebrijes mutantes”* with the talented Mexican illustrator Daniela Martagón, get to know the little “yellow bird” by children book author Olga de Dios and learn how to draw after the system of Japanese illustrator Sachiko Umoto.

We also recommend a lecture by artist Stefan Marx on Saturday evening, we follow his career since its beginnings in the streets of Hamburg. Beside many exhibitions and zines, he made a coloring book with Rollo Press of “Lousy animals” for children! (Sadly it’s out of print, but you can still buy it here, for example)

And now listen up, art parents! As there is a focus on Mexico this year, the music program includes a set by DF-based DJ and producer Chico Sonido on Saturday night. Worth paying any last minute babysitter – we love him!

* Alebrijes are very special colorful Mexican folk art monsters, said to be originally created by artisan Pedro Linares after having some visions being “ill” ;)

All images with the cute paper character and font by Spanish graphic design studio Disismaineim for Libros Mutantes; Alebrijes: Daniela Mortagón, Parejo Amarillo: Olga de Dios; Faces: Sachiko Umoto; Stefan Marx‘ exhibition view: In Dreams, Ruttkowski;68, Cologne 2015; Lousy Animals page via Ti Pi Tin; Chico Sonido portrait via Time Out Beijing (with interview!)