November rain? Survive it with ABC’s DIY-booklet

ABC (ART BASICS for CHILDREN) is a non-profit organisation on the borderline between the arts and education. Beside the ABC-house in Brussels and mobile studios on various themes, ABC is establishing an international creative resource library for schools, museums, individuals and socio-cultural and artistic organizations. The organisation wants to stimulate curiosity and tries to build bridges from the arts to the poetry of daily life.

One of the team’s extensive projects (check ABC’s multilingual website for information about their programs) is the do-it-yourself toy catalog “Speelgoedboekje” with vintage craft instructions from all over the world “to share our fascination with this universal cultural heritage because of its timeless magic, creative spirit, its simplicity and ingenuity, poetic power and aesthetic qualities.”

The PDF is available as a free download and contains clickable craft idea images with a link to a scan of the original instruction. Even if some of the links seem to be broken, it’s a huge source of inspiration for anyone bored at home on a rainy day ;)

PS: I’m following ABC’s projects for a long time now and hope to give more insights about its work soon.

Images: Screenshots from ABC’s Speelgoedboekje.