Frida Kahlo – Viva la risa

Injured from a bus accident, young Mexican Frida Kahlo was hurt so badly that she had to stay in bed for several months. Full of pain and not able to move, she started from bed what would make her famous forever – painting! Being among of the best known female artists ever since, Kahlo never really recovered from the tragical crash but even so or just because she tried to be happy every day.

Nothing is more worth than laughter.

She celebrated life and her home country in many ways: in her beautiful traditional wardrobe, in her lifestyle full with friends and parties and in her colorful paintings of fresh Mexican fruits.

If you cannot have tropical fruits at home everyday or if your kids eat them too quickly to enjoy their look, make some Frida Kahlo inspired paper fruit bowls. Cover a bowl in the size of your fruit (e.g. a big one for watermelon and a very small one for lemon) with plastic wrap.

Make paper strips out of an old newspaper or magazine, dip them into simple wallpaper paste and add them strip-by-strip into your bowl (if you want your piece very fruity-like round) or on the outside of your turned bowl (to create a stand like a real bowl) until your paper bowl is completely built.

After drying, remove the original bowl and start painting the fruit with your children. It’s best to start with a thick layer of white (wall paint is great for this) and then add the colors.

Are you or your children interested in Frida’s life? See this beautifully illustrated biography by Zena Alkayat and Nina Cosford. Photo by Ilona Habben for ELTERN family