Flug – books, zines and artwork for all ages

frozenbanana_flug_2015_04Sometimes you see a logo and just one foto of a project and you literally love it from the first glimpse. Exactly this is what happened to us when we stumbled upon the Facebook page of Flug, a tiny pop-up store that is located in the pretty red suitcase of Thaís Caramico.

The Brazilian journalist and expert for kid’s publications (she holds a MA in Children’s Books and Literature) is now based in Berlin and turned her personal collection of self-published and small press zines, books, comics, prints and artworks into a curated shop for all ages. Among her finest selection are some of Frozenbanana’s favorite zines, too, like “Dots” by Antonio Ladrillo, “Para comerte major!” by Studio Milimbo, “Flat” by Jay Cover or “Corfú” by Abel Jiménez and so we were very happy to meet Thaís and her Flug books in person in Friedrichshain, where she and her store had just moved into a co-working space. During a chatty afternoon, we talked a lot about our shared passion for art and printed matter that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Dear Thaís, how did you came up the idea for Flug and its name?
My interest about books “for children” started in 2009, when I was invited to redesign the children’s supplement in a big newspaper in Brazil, O Estado de S.Paulo. By that time, I realized that more than writing about fun things for kids, I would love to spot reading as a big pleasure to explore both languages: words and images. A book can touch a person by different ways, but so many of them are playful and filled with amazing illustrations. I started my research and became addicted to them. Besides the brilliant ones published by small or big houses, I developed an interesting on independent publications too. Flug, as I see, started as a personal collection of books made by artists and writers, published by them or tiny studios.

When I moved to Berlin, I couldn’t find a place where I could read or buy this kind of publication, suitable for all ages, for myself. Even in the best independent or fanzine shops, so I thought about making it myself and help to promote and sell people I admire, from different countries, in Berlin.

Since I own a creative studio focused in content for kids, parents and educators called Estúdio Voador, which means Flying Studio, I started looking for a word that could mean something to my personal and professional choices and I came up with Flug, which sounds fun, nice and easy to pronounce as well.

We want to have all the books – where and how can we buy from the Flug selection?
I work in an art school and coworking in Friedrichshain, ESDIP. Flug is there with me but I recommend everyone to send me an email before visiting to make sure I’m there. Thanks for the freelancing life that allows me to have long lunches with friends or finish earlier one day to enjoy the weather. =)

And now we’re developing the new Estúdio Voador’s website, where we’re gonna have an online shop for Flug too. It will be on in a few weeks, but you can keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts: /flugbooks.

As you told us you lived in Sao Paolo, London and now Berlin – is the suitcase also a symbol of mobility, travel or wanderlust for you? Or could Flug also be a “real” shop or artspace?
You’re right! I’m from São Paulo, Brazil and moved to London in 2011 and then Berlin. I love travelling and see myself so lucky to have a job that allows me to work like a digital nomade when I want. Being a suitcase, Flug can travel with me and think about so many places to visit and people to meet. Isn’t it great?

But since I found in Berlin a great life and people with the same interests as mine, I’m thinking of expanding Flug and Estúdio Voador and having an artspace where I could share my books, display Flug, set up exhibitions and workshops for children and professionals around book and art stuff. Do you wanna join me? =)

Thank you so much, Thaís and see you soon at Flug!

Image: Friederike Fankhänel