Delicious workshops at Berlin Food Art Week

bfaw_frozenbanana_collage1_webFun-TASTY-c news! We are so happy to announce our first kids food art workshop in the upcoming Berlin Food Art Week next Thursday, June 25 at 4 pm. Organized by Entretempo Kitchen Gallery, the first BFWA focuses on discovering the different connections art can make with food and presents a wide panorama of contemporary art, design and food experiences and invites kids-loving artists to a series of food art workshops.

For our Frozenbanana fun-TASTY-c workshop, we team up with visual artist and veggie-lover Pao Kitsch from Mexico City to create a natural color palette out of the fridge – together with YOU, kids! Beetroot, lemon, cacao, carrots and berries are just some of the ingrediences for our colorful summer snacks, drinks and paintings. Come by and try!

ENTRETEMPO Kitchen Gallery
Senefelderstr. 29
10437 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
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Saturday 20.06. // 4 pm // kid-friendly
Sarmishta Pantham Fruity Tales – Food Art Stop Motion
“An image-making workshop involving a lot of fruits and a lot more fun, mixed together to form tasty myths to be told to the world in the form of mini stop motion films!” Sarmishta Pantham

Monday 22.06 // 4 pm // tba
Tainá Guedes & Team Making Edible Art
“This workshop gives you or/and your children a chance to make edible art with food. Past workshops have included making bread spheres, carnival bread masks, paints made out of chocolate, and candied jewelry.” Tainá Guedes

Monday 22.06 // 6 pm // All ages welcome, children should be accompanied.
Ilan Katin Topography of Flavours
“What is the color and shape of a flavor? Maybe red is spicy and vegetables are green. But what if we are asked to express the color and shape that comes to us when we eat a pie? I invite you eat a mystery pie flavor, then draw your impression of the pie you’ve just eaten. In the end, we will bring together a collage of people’s experiences of flavor.” Ilan Katin

Tuesday 23.06 // 4 pm // 4-10 years
Ivona Pelajic Veggie Portrait
“By pretending that vegetables are real people and they should be portrayed, we’ll try to present their character and shape as realistic as possible. To bring colour into the picture, the drawing is then covered with an “unusual” way of coloring, allowing even smaller kids to paint only using their fingers!” Ivona Pelajic

Thursday 25.06 // 4 pm // from 6 years on
Friederike Fankhänel & Pao Kitsch Frozenbanana’s fun-TASTY-c workshop
“We’ll meet Mexican artist Pao Kitsch to make natural colors for our own paintings, snacks and drinks. Nos vemos!” Friederike Fankhänel

Friday 26.06 // 4 pm // 6 months – 2,5 years
little art  We’re off to the moon! A sensory art playground to explore together.
“We’ll create a mini-playground of self-exploration messy and sensory play workstations. Babies and toddlers will have the opportunity to squidge, poke, squeeze, drip, pour, mix, make marks and sniff a whole host of space, and garden themed sensory elements made from food.” Harriet Poole

Saturday 20.06. and Sunday 21.06 // 11 am // kid-friendly
Jean Paul Ganem & GRÜNE LIGA Berlin  Workshop DAY 1 – Art Installation
Cemetery St. Georgen-Parochial, Entrance Heinrich-Roller-Str. 18
“We will create a painting of the sky by connecting trees and graves on a downtown, former cemetery, in a timeless space that is overgrown by forest-like vegetation.” J.P. Ganem

© All images by the artists and BFAW