Big Art for Little People – Shortfilm project for children

Last week-end I attended the opening event of Hamburg’s annual beloved Mo&Friese Children’s ShortFilmFestival and especially enjoyed the screening of “Insect & Co” by artist Natasja Kensmil (and the kids in the audience did so, too).

Searching the video link to share it with you, I discovered that the film is part of a bigger Dutch project called Grote Kunst voor Kleine Mensen (Big Art for Little People) – artistic movies for viewers between two and six years old.

The shorts aim to work like an audiovisual picture book that teaches young children something about the formal language of the visual arts. Grote Kunst voor Kleine Mensen contains about 40 shortfilms on 3 DVDs and even a cute mobile children’s cinema system to rent. The creators Nathalie Faber and Carolien Euser write on the project’s website:

“How do you look at the world at the age of four? You see a highrise and you think: could that be a very big dresser? Where does the smoke from the chimney go to? And who is that shadow which is following me all the time? Astonishment and amazement about things you don’t understand, and the coming up with solutions from your own imagination, are qualities which seem expendable when you grow up. It’s a kind of amazement that appears to be limited to children and artists.”

Another shortfilm from the project is “Chocolate haas” by Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug. Enjoy!

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