Art mag for children: Daria Holme’s “Kindertseitung”

kindertseitung_frozenbanana_3coverIt seems to be hard in Germany for kids’ magazines that are not gimmick-overloaded and cartoon-driven: the famous literary “Der Bunte Hund” had to close after 27 years in 2008, the German version of the beloved “Anorak mag” existed just for one issue in 2010 – both due to financial reasons. But print is not dead – and so aren’t beautiful kids’ magazines!

One of the few projects that work outside of the traditional market is the lovingly-made “Kindertseitung” by Daria Holme. The Rietveld trained graphic designer started the magazine in 2010 and self-publishes two issues per year on a non-profit basis.

Each Kindertseitung is dedicated to a specific theme (e.g. Flying, Water, City, Danger, …) and compiles images, games, riddles or other activity ideas for kids. The pages are made by different artists from all disciplines, e.g. photographer Jan von Holleben, Dutch artist Aldo Kroese or Daria’s sister, painter Myriam Holme. Some of the content comes from of the artists’ archives, other is originally made for the magazine. Its heavy weight paper invites children to draw, write and paint on the pages without soaking them easily. Moreover, each issue includes a special insert like a sticker or coloring-poster and contains no advertising at all. The upcoming theme is always published online beforehand, so anyone can send in contribution proposals.

You are overwhelmed? So are we! Here’s our little interview with Daria:

Dear Daria, we love the “Kindertseitung” and totally share the idea to create kids’ stuff together with artists. Do you remember when or where you had the initial idea for the project? Mh, no, actually not … it was more a slowly growing idea. I had this project in mind for quite a while – when I then moved to Mannheim out of private reasons, I suddenly knew, that was the right moment to start. I wanted to make a project in which I could keep all the people together which I got to know in the years before …

In the end, how long did it take you from the idea to the first printed issue of “Kindertseitung”? Well, also this I do not really remember ;) I just started one day to write about the idea to all the creative people i knew, I started to slowly put money aside for the project, played around with the idea – and when I finally had everything done, I went for it.

In your magazine, artists create pages which invite children to work on, play with or finish and change the content. Are artists the better children?
No, children are the better children ;).

Do you actually see what the children do with your mag? Are children the better artists? Yes, sometimes people send me pages that went through children’s hands. I love to see this. And of course I see what my son is doing with it. Children are not the better artists, but they are definitely the best anyway. They are still free. They just start to do things without thinking about it for too long. Not looking for the perfect pen before or having a plan in mind. They start – and the outcome is always best.

Do you have a favorite artist? No, not one – many …

And a favorite child? Yes, of course MINE!

What’s inspiring you? For the “Kindertseitung”? Playing with my son. Watching him doing things.

Can you recommend us another kids related art project? Yes, Jan von Holleben’s books! If I would still be a child, I would love to participate in his work!

Thank you, Daria! You can find the “Kindertseitung” in selected stores or order it via the magazine’s website.

Kindertseitung Cover Images: deer city by Jennifer Schäfer, suitcase by Nemea and rainbow painting boy by Peter Holme; Images of Daria and her studio: Daria Holme;
Spreads: Ice installation by Aldo Kroese, red animals by Daniel Roth, smoking man by Gerlinde Meyer, burnt page by Myriam Holme