Bla bla bla! Munari inspired app wants your sounds


The sound reactive iOS app “Bla Bla Bla” (2011) is still one of my favorites for toddlers, graphic design enthusiasts and anyone who loves or needs sensory activities. The free application has a very simple interface, offering 16 sketchy black and white faces which react with their expression to your sound input.

Do these faces remind us of something? Yes of course! They seem to be very inspired by Bruno Munari’s illustrations for his famous book “Design as art”. Each face is created by a different student, as the author, graphic designer and researcher Laurenzo Bravi explains:

“This app derives from an exercise called “Parametric Mask”. The exercise was part of a one-day workshop held in December 2010 at the design department of IUAV, in Venice, and in February 2011 at the ISIA of Urbino. (…) The iOS App is largely used in speech therapy, especially with young children (aged 0-3 years) and with autistic people and stroke patients.”

You can download Bla Bla Bla in iTunes’ Appstore or read more about it on Lorenzo Bravi’s very inspiring online portfolio.