André Cadere – The boy with a stick

Where do we actually see art? On a wall, in a nice book, on the internet, in a museum or in a gallery. Polish artist André Cadere created something special. He painted and combined single wood pieces to colorful sticks. Some were long and stretched pass his head, some were so small that they fit in his pocket. Cadere took these portable artworks everywhere: to the city, to the park or to other artists’ exhibitions:

“I can go to the Museum of Modern Art and present my work there without anyone having invited me.”

With these sticks having no front and no back, no upside and downside like a painting, he could place them in many different and unusual ways. He hung them on the wall, leaned them in a corner, put them over a doorframe, left them or took them back with him.

Like this, his sticks but also his way of carrying them became a work of art itself. Unlike from a painting, his art pieces changed their position in space constantly and could not only be found in a gallery but outdoor. Exploring the work of André Cadere, children can learn about the different definitions of art and the traditional art system. What would they do with such a stick, e.g. quickly made from a painted cardboard tube?

DIY idea and photo by me