Young at art: Guggenheim New York shows “A Year with Children”

frozenbanana_ltaWish we could be there: From tomorrow, May 1 until June 17, the Guggenheim Museum in New York City shows its annual “A Year with Children” exhibition, that presents awesome art by children participating in the Learning Through Art (LTA) program of the museum.

The program places professional teaching artists in NYC public elementary schools and immerses students in the artistic process, encouraging them to view themselves as artists. Throughout the program, teaching artists model practices and explorations similar to those that they use in their own artistic work.

The Learning Through Art teaching residencies were founded in 1970 as a reaction to the elimination of art and music programs in New York City public schools and are organized by the Education Department at the Guggenheim Museum. Among its former residents, there are artists like Keith Haring, Wynton Marsalis and Paloma Picasso (find it in the Guggenheim’s blog here).

This year, we are striked by participating artist Rose Nestler who was creating kinetic sculptures with children in Staten Island about the question “What moves us?” in relation to Guggenheim’s exhibition “ZERO: Countdown to Tomorrow, 1950s–60s”. In her own sculptural work, the artist uses “materials that reference the craftsmanship of decorative objects such as, porcelain or upholstery”, to “manipulate a visual memory that is connected to the human experience of habitation.”

Image: Student Artwork 3rd grade, PS 144, Queens, Photo: Kris McKay